Millrow Characters

We have delivered programs to tens of thousands of preschool and elementary school children throughout the Midwest, Far West, Southeast, and Northeast regions. Millrow educates youngsters on topics which are not usually part of the traditional curriculum but nonetheless are extremely important to healthy growth and development.

Subject matter ranges from dental hygiene to quality eye care, automobile safety, environmental health and others, altogether eight well developed and tested-for-success programs. Our more popular characters include Captain Recycle, Eddie Eyeglasses, Tommy Toothbrush, and Billie Book.

Our activities are underwritten by a variety of sponsors who share our mission of educating the whole child. Their number includes businesses, individual health professionals, school groups like the PTA, PTO’s, foundations, civic groups like the Lions Club, and others. They regard our programs as an excellent way to reach out to children and their families.

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We use trained, costumed actors to deliver the educational message.
Millrow Characters
Facilitating goodwill between our sponsors and the children and their parents, school professionals, and the community.
Millrow Characters
We deliver a total package, that is, arranging the show, delivering the show, and providing media coverage and participant feedback.
Millrow Characters

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Thank you for visiting us. Your presentation was excellent. The children learned a lot in a fun way Thank you for coming
Thank you so much for the educational program at our school. The children really enjoyed it. It is so important for the kids to know about dental hygiene and this was a fun way.
Cathy Meyer, RN
My child came home from meeting Tommy Toothbrush and was no longer afraid of the dentist.

Ann Trout
Dear Eddie Eyeglasses,
I really appreciated the message you conveyed to the children concerning eyecare and wearing glasses. The way you involved the students and the positive encouragement you gave them made your presentation very worth-while. Thank you for coming to Jefferson.
C.B. Second grade teacher
Knox County children always look forward to Captain Recycle visits to the schools and our Recycle Day at the County Fair.
Pam Cyr
Captain Recycle visited the Missoula, Montana South Higgins Ave. Kinko's for Earth Day. Everyone enjoyed having Captain Recycle here, and we look forward to seeing him again!
Heather Nese